How to … reduce the costs of motorcycling


We all know that motorcycling is fun, exhilarating and sociable. It can also be a great option for those looking to speed up their commute to work. However, the initial and ongoing costs can sometimes run away with you if you’re not careful. As someone who works in motorcycle sales, we’ve checked out a variety of sources and have put together these tips for reducing your motorcycling costs.

1. Buy New From a Reputable Dealer

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Buying new from a reputable dealer is a good option. Many dealers will offer a range of finance options as well as warranty and after sales service. Choosing your finance arrangement will allow you to control your financial output over a number of years whilst you can be rest assured that any faults with the motorcycle will be rectified as part of the warranty scheme.

At Greater London Motorcycles in north west london, we are known for our new Suzuki motorcycle sales where we provide a 3 year warranty on all Suzuki motorcycles, as well as having a fully equipped service workshop where your pride and joy will be well-cared for.

We are also renowned for being the friendliest motorcycle dealer in north west London!

2. Buy Used from a Reputable Dealer

used motorcycles dealers

If buying a new motorbike isn’t an option, then a good quality used motorcycle is the next best thing. However, we would always recommend doing your research and buying from a reputable used motorcycle dealer. When browsing online for ‘used motorcycle dealerships near me’, check out the google reviews for customer feedback.

Another option is to check out the social accounts for the dealership. What do the customers say on Facebook? Does the dealership have a good relationship with its customers? What does the customer engagement look like?

Check out the dealer’s website – what does the stock listing look like? Is there a good selection of used motorcycles? What does the dealership say about their warranty and aftercare service?

At Greater London Motorcycles, our aim is to provide our customers with affordable motorcycles along with the best quality aftercare and service offering, including a 3 month warranty on all used motorcycles. We have a great relationship with our customers, our core values include old fashioned customer service, meaning we don’t just treat you like a number. We are always happy to help and offer advice.

3. Regularly service your motorbike

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To ensure your warranty remains valid, genuine parts must be used when maintaining your motorbike. For peace of mind, it’s best to us

Regularly maintaining your ride is vital for your bikes’ reliability and performance, as well as its resale value. All our technicians at GLM are fully trained to MOT and service your motorcycle to the highest standards, using only the latest technologies and specialist equipment.

Furthermore, to preserve any warranty on your motorcycle sales, rest assured, we only use genuine and original parts. Even better, we also offer a collection and loan service if required.

To book a Service online, or for further details on our Service offering, click here.

4. Keep your Bike Safe

In the unfortunate event of your motorcycle or moped being stolen, an insurance claim will more than likely increase your premium in the following years. Take as many steps as you can to prevent your treasured possession being stolen. At home, if possible store your motorbike in a lockable shed or garage. If you don’t have one, why not rent a lockable garage near your home? Carry a chain and disc lock when out and about to avoid opportunists having a go.

Protect your bike with a GPS tracking system which provides 24/7/365 monitoring. Install an alarm and for a secondary layer of security buy an affordable easy fit immobiliser if your motorcycle or moped doesn’t come with a standard fit immobiliser. At Greater London Motorcycles we can supply and fit tracker alarms. Please call us on 020 8951 0139 for prices and availability.

And lastly, keep your keys out of sight at all times and don’t leave your helmet or any riding accessories on your bike.

5. Save money on accessories

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Whilst we would ALWAYS say buy new when it comes your motorcycle helmet, there are ways to reduce the cost of other biking accessories. Many sites such as Ebay, GumTree and Facebook Marketplace offer some fantastic deals on leathers and other accessories. You’ll still look the part, but at a fraction of the price of new!

When it comes to purchasing THE most important piece of equipment – your helmet, always buy the best you can afford. For detailed advice on how to choose the best helmet, check out the government’s SHARP website (the Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme). The website provides advice on how to select a helmet that fits correctly and is comfortable. It also provides information on the relative safety of helmets to help motorcyclists make an informed choice.

If you’re set on buying brand new accessories, take a look at our Accessories Shop online or feel free to pop into our showroom on Edgware High Street.

That’s it folks! We believe that motorcycling should always be fun, enjoyable, safe and affordable! Happy riding.

For more details on any of the information provided in this article or on motorcycle sales, please feel free to call us on 020 8951 0139. One of our team members will be happy to help.